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Message Subject " Drip Drop Drip Drop Judgement Day, " Says the Lord Jesus Christ [Published 6/8/11]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Walking in the spirit is not a hard concept to grasp. All it is is an admonishin to encourage our minds to allow our redeemed spirit to activate our physical bodies to act in accordance to what God had intentendent us to live by and that is fairness and love and honesty and integrity. Our normal physical selves do not function properly because of our daily flawed conidtioning we get from this current world system. We were born in with this handicap and it takes some conditioning on our part to not walk as this system, this fallen system is designed in. We are to operate in the system God designed for us in the beginning before the fall. And you can only do this if you are have a regenerated heart and then you have to by your will to fuction as your redeemed spirit was designed to function. The fruits of the spirit; love kindness mercy and so forth, all the fruits of your redeemed spirit. And they are fruits for we benefit greatly when activating these abilities or fruits of the spirit as we call them.
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In order to enter Heaven, God's abode, you must love God first. How do you love someone unless you get to know them or even know they exsist. You must love God for if you do not you can not love others or any of His creations; Angels mankind animal kingdom and so forth. Love without truth is a lie and nothing but a lie. God knows it is impossible for us to travel to where He is so He intiates the contact first between humanity and its desire to reconcile with thier Maker. He searches our hearts and if He sees that you are willing to make contact with Him He will intiate that contact with any individual looking for it. First step first, looking for contact with God. If you seek you will find.
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