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Message Subject " Drip Drop Drip Drop Judgement Day, " Says the Lord Jesus Christ [Published 6/8/11]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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While I do believe we are clothed with armor as per Eph 6:13-18, the armor is spoken there as a mental and emotional sheild that protects your faith that is clothed by your heart, your very essence. Standing firm, preperation and and salvation. You will be tried, your faith will. And on the day that it may occur many circumstance may present it self to you in manner to test your faith as to see if you really do have faith. And on that you should have already made preparations to guard your heart and the faith that it protects. Withstand is another term that can be used instead of standing firm. Its all about the battle for your faith in Christ and it comes not to prove you are not in the faith , it comes to show you that you have indeed faith in the Lord Jesus. It is something welcomed to your conscience that you may know that you know the Lord. You dont second chance faith. Either you have it or you dont. God bless you all. Be strong-which is a command to your soul.
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What got us into this mess was doubting God to begin with, in the garden. Now the only way out of this mess is believeing IN God and not on God . Doubt is the opposite of faith. Faith is still excersized by faith in other words it is active in Heaven. Trust IN the Lord-this too is a command to your soul. It is all by your choice and it is a choice. The Lord is a lot closer to you then you can possibly concieve or understand. God bless you all, Christians and non Christians.
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