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Kaoru Nakamaru speaks of the Shadow Government in 1996 interview [video]


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04/01/2012 11:39 AM
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Kaoru Nakamaru speaks of the Shadow Government in 1996 interview [video]
[link to www.youtube.com]

Uploaded by Awaken2Infinite2 on Jan 9, 2012

Kaoru Nakamaru entered the Political Science faculty of Columbia University, New York, where she graduated in International Politics at the East Asian Institute.

In its 1973 TV special edition, Newsweek acclaimed Mrs. Nakamaru "The world's no.1 interviewer," while the Washington Post praised her as "A person of the times, whose outstanding international sensitivity makes her an invaluable asset on the world scene."

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04/01/2012 11:41 AM
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Re: Kaoru Nakamaru speaks of the Shadow Government in 1996 interview [video]
AIso in 1973, King Hussein of Jordan, in recognition of her contribution to world peace through personal diplomacy, awarded her the Decoration of Independence.
From 1974, Mrs. Nakamaru has been a member of the council of the Japanese Ministry of Industry (MITI), and from 1980, also a consultant to the Foreign Ministry.
From December 1984, Mrs. Nakamaru's interview documentary program "Following the Sun" began to appear every Sunday on America's PBS (Public Broadcasting System) which with its high standards and 300-station nationwide network, is one of the most prestigious television services in the world.
On May 23, 1989, held the first International Symposium for World Peace in New York and hosted a Press Conference at the United Nations attended by representatives from 100 countries.
In 1991, promoted the International Symposium as Total Life Movement worldwide, based on the New fork Office as her headquarters.
In 1993, started a movement for human renaissance based on "Way of Life," in contrast to "Way of Power." This is called, the "Total Life Movement."
In 1994, started organizing "Following The Sun" Association worldwide.
In 1996, Invited to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) for one month as a guest of state.
In April 1997, As a result of the publication of "The Structure of the Global 'Underworld' Power and the Course of Humanity," begins lecturing throughout Japan.
In February 1998, Visits Iraq to head off the U.S. military's air-bombing of Iraq.
In March 1998, Received invitations as a guest of state from the governments of North and South Korea.

[Mrs. Nakamaru has published the following books]
¥ "Diplomacy with America, Diplomacy with China" Simul Books, Tokyo.