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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
For all you interested in the Resistance Movement against the Cabal, you can take a look at the blog of Cobra, their spokesperson:

[link to www.2012portal.blogspot.com]

Here you will find almost daily updates and encrypted messages to the Resistance Movement.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10350179

Thanks for that.
The purpose of this thread, is to keep an outline of the steps.

Here's where we are in the original steps:

+ Prior to action being taken, there will be a Warning flashed 24 hours ahead (imminent?)

(The longer description- by G- put it thusly:
The timeline is: It will take 24 hours for the first sweep to do mass arrests; a 2nd sweep will be another 5-6 hours to make sure they have all the records necessary to convict these people. The other partócertain sensitive areas, like power plants and places that have records, will be protected to keep them from being blown up. When all is clear and the military action has culminated, then this will go viral on the Internet. )

But I now think a step, or steps, may be missing such as:

+ The authority of the Federal Reserve banks will be challenged in a court of law (done)

+ Specific illegals actions by the Fed, and the banks support it will be identified and given a wider airing in the press (imminent)

Now this sort of step, attacking the present authority of the Cabal and its backers is important. I do not know how it will be possible to proceed to arrests without it. People need to understand the case against the Cabal, and who the individual are who are alleged to have misbehaved.
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