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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Confused Cabal hater
Post Content
Sean David Morton's take on the "Drake Story"

MP3 : [link to www.americanfreedomradio.com]

(about 1:31 hours in, answering a question from "John from Boston")
+ Kerry Cassidy introduced "the cast of characters" (BB,DW,BF) to the world
+ Drake has unfairly attacked Kerry, and are telling lies
+ SDM predicted they would "become nasty" when attacked
+ "Mass arresting" much of the Congress is a crazy idea
+ One gang arresting another gang of criminals fixes nothing
+ A "huge freefall in the global economy" is now possible

(Are the resignations and the rumor of arrests, just a bluff?
Even so, it may be useful to allow the 99% people to feel more powerful.- John)

+ The Rothschild cabal controls info, "rigged the game", as after Waterloo
+ But it hasn't always worked out for the Banking cabal
+ It would make sense to threaten the bankers, and then maybe change things so:
+ 1/3 owned by banking clans, 1/3 by aristocracy, 1/3 by The People
+ May 1st 1776 was when the Illuminati was set up by Adam Weishaupt / *link
+ The May Day celebrations are associated with plans to eliminate monarchies
+ But inevitably, those with money will be in charge "unless you have a very educated populace"
+ As an example: the Hebrews had a unique system of government, coded by laws
+ Rockefellers are about rape-and-pillage, but the Rothschild system "comes with a blanket and pillow"
+ The elites that SDM talks to in NYC do not know what will happen
+ George Soros comes closest: thinks the US is breaking up, but he is "whistling Dixie"
+ DW and Drake don't know what is happening, anymore than the elites
+ Maybe the elites are resigning, to "go and hide" before the (expected) chaos breaks out
+ The elites are expatriating from the US (to 'pull out of the Federal franchise')
+ "Who is doing this, Mr Drake?" (ie filing paperwork to get States out of Federal system)
+ Adm. Fox Fallon, Obama, and Putin are stopping WW3
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