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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
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(I have done a Search and found this):

“Drake” recently called NESARA (the abundance program known by the name of the National Security and Economic Reformation Act) “bogus” and has excited a lot of commentary around the Web. Can we take a minute and look at what he said, please?

Here is the exchange between Mugzi and him:

[link to k004.kiwi6.com]

Mugzi: What about NESARA? From what I’ve researched, that was a Rockefeller program to put us into the New World Order system. It was a little carrot if you will. What do you know about NESARA?

Drake: Well, basically what you just said, that it is bogus and I’ll tell you why. Because it came from Rockefeller, it’s part of the cabal, which means it’s not intrinsically going to be good for anybody. Now that may take some time to come out, as it has taken them 200 years to get us to the situation we’re in now. So I would be leery of those ideologies. Now it may be that certain portions of NESARA would be equitable or correct in terms of application with the people.

+continues: [link to the2012scenario.com (secure)]
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