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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Holland-in-Hong Kong
Post Content
(the folks at American Kabuki have totally lost patience):
They posted this:
"I will not be posting any more Drake, Freedom Reigns, or Bill Wood postings. As far as I am concerned its all a distraction to keep people focused on the duality game."

I suppose one cannot blame them, but I thought this approach from another website (GEI) made more sense:


That only shows that the disinformation-artists are winning.

Is Drake amongst them? I don't believe so, but it is not impossible.

I reckon the Disinformation spreaders are either:

+ Mere pranksters, laughing at those with a genuine interest in the Drake drama, or

+ Genuine disrupters, trying to reduce interest in Drake's podcasts.

The basic problems is what I call "Fizz-Out" or "Burn-out". People get frustrated and lose interest in a message like this, if the story does not develop very quickly. Drake originally said he expected action "within 30-45 days", and that is already a long time to keep a healthy interest going and growing, without some concrete results. And if now looks as if we have moved into that window, and no Mass Arrests have started.

Drake and David Wilcock have both already spoken about there being no precise deadline, or the events may occur later. Interest in this drama will fade as we move into June or July if nothing happens. The tricksters know this, and they are probably enjoying the waves of excitemant and disappointment that they are providing along the way.

Personally, I am happy to "give some more space" for the arrest to happen. I have retained some skepticism and some genuine interest from the very beginning, and I expect that will be my posture for weeks to come, with the skepticism growing slowly.

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