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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
Post Content
Further comments

Why Vote?
"We especially need to hear from the militias."
"They want to know that they might be left alive."
"Some of these ideas are not mine- they come for the banking families."
"The new currency would be asset based... Revaluation of currencies may or may not be necessary."
"The reason THIS (the vote?) is being offered, is to see how serious the cabal are."
"They fear a surprise attack... We know where they live."
"They say they want to rectify things... (and desire) a peaceful transition."

The results of the poll: Give weight to the bargaining chips

"Keenan threatened them with a lawsuit backed by all the Asian families."
"They want to keep a little of what they have stolen over the years.
"For us, going back to the founding documents, mean we are free people."
"Everyone is going to come out in the open, that includes me."
"They are concerned we might come after them - The want to save their butts."
"They still have some power... We can keep the banks open."
(whoops! danger- who will be running the banks ?)
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