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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
More Info - John McH's Summary

Many changes have occurred within the last 12 hours. There was a radio broadcast with Drake on Global Network with a Paul [??] and the planned talk had been changed immediately prior to that program as Drake had a critical call that changed the entire game plan. I am giving you the reader's digest version.

As you know, Drake has been working on the inside circles with the "Plan" generated some 30 years by Pentagon officials to end the illegal takeover of the U.S. government and governments worldwide. Mass arrests had been planned. There are several groups of players to be aware of: the U.S. military which has 80% of its people supporting the constitution and the populace, We the People [a term Drake uses that refers to those who are taking action to support freedom for all using legal and peaceful means to accomplish this], and then you have the cabal [illuminati folks which include the large number of banker minions].

Here is what has happened. Drake has friends within that last group which has obviously included many who wish to see the new changes inaugurated with the advent of 2012. They are wanting to see all have prosperity and freedom. Anyway, Drake gets this last minute call from that last group who are fearful for their lives because of the impending arrests. They have offered a way out for themselves, at the same time there would be a peaceful transition to NESARA [worldwide financial freedom] and would include rolling out ALL the healing and free energy technologies within possibly a month at the outside.

This country and all other countries would be transitioned almost immediately to common law and the constitutional governments. The illuminati would surrender all power and be allowed to live out their lives with exceptions. Drake said that the ones responsible for major loss of life thru instigating all wars will be tried and likely executed.

/source-John MacHaffie : [link to www.spreaker.com]
==== ====

THE KEY PART here is:
"The illuminati would surrender all power"

Let's keep the focus of the most important part - the surrender of ALL power:

IN WHAT WAYS will the Illuminati be removed from power, and who will be left in positions of power?
What will be the way(s) that power is assumed and delegated in the future?
How can we be sure that Cabal families will be full separated from any power in the future?

Final GL Note:
If "the Illuminati" are truly surrendering power, then they have much to fear. Whatever the-people-who-vote in Drake's Poll may now agree, those who are truly left in power may unilaterally renegotiate any Illuminati surrender agreement in a way the Illuminati may not agree.

The Cabal had better be certain that they actually do surrender power to those with pure motives. For instance, if they surrender to their own lieutenants, they may find the old lieutenants will turn on them and extract some extreme vengence.
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