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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
MORE NOTES (gets stranger and stranger)

+ Timing of arrests/ surrender : "nothing goes as planned" - An April 2012 date was given to Cobra 10 years ago. "One thing is for certain, this will happen... This planet will be liberated."
+ "Nobody knows how the general population will react... the population has been brain washed." They will appreciate it. and fully understand it, only after it has happened
+ 300 Resistance movement people (on the surface) are directly involved. "And there are 20 million people underground... and they are in physical bodies, and they look like humans. Most of them come from Planet X." (that planet is in the outer solar system, beyond Pluto, and it is the size of Earth.) They created the Resistance Movement. The job of liberation, is in hands of the military, but the others can become involved, if needed.
+ Certain plans will be finalized within a few days, and then Cobra will be able to speak more openly
+ Some people close to Cobra have been "drastically effected," but he now has "forms of protection in place" and he "lives a normal life." Cobra has been accused of being a clone, but understands such accusations are just "the way it is." There was cloning, but they were cleared about 10 years ago. Now, "I am determined to liberate the planet, no matter what."
+ Rothschilds and Rockefellers have had access to nuclear weapons, since they were invented. Pleadians have been scared of nuclear wars, but "can do much to prevent them", but cannot yet prevent all possible wars. Some access of R&R to weapons has now been removed, and that has allowed information about Mass Arrests Plans to come to the surface. "I am 99% sure" that a nuclear bomb detonation will not happen. The access codes of R&R "do not work any more."

+ Handing over control of the Mass media will be lifted "when the cabal steps forward and surrenders." But if that does not happen, it will be more difficult. The cabal must surrender within a deadline (of about 10 days), and "if they do not do that then their future will be much more difficult,"
+ "If the Cabal surrenders, the banks can stay open. If they do not, then the entire financial system will need to be rebooted."
+ One Italian bank has already closed their doors, and their customers do not have access to their funds. This is part of "the natural disintegration of the Rothschild banking system." The Resistance has not engineered this, but "they have the capability to crash the financial system."
+ Most likely the Greeks will vote to leave the Euro
+ Who are the Archons? (Greek word for "rulers") They influence the thinking and emotions of humans, influencing their behaviour. Mass meditations were used to "get a grip on the Archons". Light was brought in, to remove the Archons. Great success in the last few weeks, and it is now "possible to proceed with the plan."
+ The Jesuits are a "militant religious group", and the Rothschilds are "just their bankers." This group has engineered much of human history, but stays in the background, and their activities are not reported on the internet.
+ Cobra has human parents, but never lost his awareness of who he is. He has been teleported onto a ship, and was given instructions about how to help stop nuclear wars. His family is in now way involved.
+ The energy on the Pleadian ship "was extremely loving." The ship was small, but it had a family feeling, and he had a tour of the solar system. There was a "huge difference in the vibration level."

+ The Pleadians will appear "en mass, as soon as the Cabal is removed from power."
They will first contact certain select individuals, in private. They will then provide evidence of their existence in the mass media. There will be mass flyovers. And then the people will be asked if they will accept landings. "This will most likely happen through the United Nations... most likely through their building in NYC."
+ The Pleadians will be the first to appear, because they are the most human. Then other races will come.
+ Replicators can copy food
+ There is a clear plan for Ascension, which is: Liberation from all connections with 3D physical reality. This will happen to a certain percentage of lightworkers, but not everyone. The majority will go through a de-programming process.
+ Everything will not happen by Dec. 21st. The Ascension process will take much longer. But by Dec. 21st the Cabal will be fully removed. It is a huge change, which most cannot imagine... a new Golden Age.
+ People can experience balance in their lives. In fact, in the background the Light is becoming stronger. Cobra himself "has cleared most of the dark" within himself. "Sometimes I get angry, but this is good... I can have energy to change things."
+ He cannot say much, but "receives intel in various ways." Meditation is an important part of his life, and he uses it every day. He is now "much happier than he was" (when the darkness was attacking him.) He likes walks in Nature and music.
+ Chosen music : Tonight in Babylon, by Brian Adams

[link to www.youtube.com]

(see link, above)
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