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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
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[link to www.blogtalkradio.com]

It seems to be No Real News, so far...
"I have stayed away from the ET issues"
They are there. I have been involved with them for years.
What Keenan did is extraordinary, and will get better real quick.
First thing will be: ET's do not want to step in a mess.
But there is a limited amount of time... 2012 scenario
200-600 mph winds, mountain ranges moving, heat and cold.
If homes collapse, food and guns will be buried. Electro-magnetic pulses will kill electronic gear.
We have been given a choice, and a Timeline. If we heal the planet, Mother Earth will not shake us off like a bunch of flees.
Bad people being removed (by ETs), and screened twice. Some people will be cooked in the sun, and others will be reformed.
WE take care of business, or ET will do it for us.
- -
Lady Dragon spoke of the Cobra video: People in power are very afraid.
Two conditions: They must reveal who-they-are-and-what-they've-done,
and step down from power.
- -
Some prosperity funds are being opened... (?)
== ==
Linda Capen , in the comments:
No offense, but this info was on GF -Greg Giles and Cobra and a couple other sites over this past week. This is not new. The only difference is GF said that we must remove the cabal then they will help us. That they would not choose for us. We all want them gone, that's a given. This sounds like they are all piggy backing info. Anyone on this site or these others is awake and aware. I will watch this video he is talking about but my guess it is one I have already seen as I too do alot of my own research. Enjoy the rest of the show. I will spending time with my husband and listen to the rest of the broadcast later.
-- --
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