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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A new Drake & Co. is coming up today

Reader: "Important Drake update Sunday"

Posted By: hobie / Saturday, 16-Jun-2012 14:43:21

Sunday June 17 , 2012 - 1-3pm Eastern - Drake Important Update
(805) 399-1200
Participant Code 153938#
Drake will provide very important updates
Denise Rednour I would consider this call more important than previous...they will all be getting more important as we get closer and closer.
Denise Rednour DRAKE WILL BE MAKING EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS - you won't want to miss it.

Archive link : [link to www.spreaker.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5709908

I am not impressed with this Drake guy at all. I'm listening to the June 17 (today) message. The guy drones on and on and takes 15 minutes to make a point that is meaningless. Who needs to hear about law based on contracts, common law, etc. I hate to break it to him but most of us who have any interest in restoring freedom in the land have known all about that shit for years....many, many years.

What we need to here is definite ACTIONS being taken currently. Not bloviated bullshit. In today's message he's telling everyone to watch the movie, 2012, to get an idea of one possibility of what may happen if we don't do something in time. According to him, we need to "take care of business" and other vague references. He never says anything clearly and succinctly. Now he's talking about a video on his website and says it's from ETs. The ETs are going to "snatch" these guys up.

Everything he says is the same shit I and everyone on this board have been seeing, viewing, reading for fucking years. He's never revealed any type of "inside" information that I've ever heard. If any of his stuff sounds new to anyone here, man, you must be new to the game. Everything is a repeat that someone else has already said. It's ridiculous.

So that's it, after constantly saying "this is the emergency message", he finally says it again: According to the ETs, we need to "take care of business" or they, the ETs are going to do it and it will be a lot more "messy". WOW, that sure is a shocking emergency message. I guess we're all supposed to let our "light" shine and love each other. That will surely cause the banksters, murderers, oligarchs, criminal Congressmen to just disappear. Sure.....sure.....just DO NOTHING and love one another and that will make it all better. The FEMA camps will disappear, the drone program will suddenly screech to a halt, NDAA and indefinite detention?..don't worry, that will all go away too.

His emergency message is nothing but a bunch of utter bullshit. Same shit a million internet gurus have been saying for years. No action imminent by the military, which I believe it will take to effect immediate arrests, imprisonment, trials, etc. of criminals looting our nation and poisoning the people. We are being killed off! THIS is my emergency message. There is little time left. How many more do we let die while the military does nothing? Only one thing will effect an immediate change - simultaneous arrests of criminal financiers, Congressmen, the president and agency heads, and the Zionists....which basically comprise all of the aforementioned.

Drake is full of it.

[link to www.blogtalkradio.com]

That's today's, June 17th, "non-emergency" message.
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