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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle DawaSatso
Post Content
What nonsense. His constant use of quaint phrases to discuss the serious situation of tyranny, death, and evil. In the audio, he is saying things like 'if they're in charge, they get to buy lunch - and if they're not going to buy lunch, then they're going to end up doing K-P duty and cleaning latrines.'

What kind of silly nonsense is this? Charges need to be read into the record, any fucking record, like even a county citizens grand jury, and evidence needs to be placed into said record, and a determination needs to be made in regard to an indictment and trials need to be scheduled, even if on that local level, in absentia, and a verdict needs to be rendered. Then, if any subjects of an indictment, trial, verdict ever step into that particular jurisdiction, if the sheriff won't arrest them, it's the right of the people to conduct a citizen's arrest, and then the sentence is carried out. THAT will cause someone, like the military, to take action. THEN, you will find out which side they are on.

But seriously, I'm still listening and he's talking 12 gauges and log chains and bullshit nonsense. So it's either we take his type of action according to some "directive" he says he got from ETs, as in 12 gauges??, or it's ET Time! LOL!!

No, he's a clown. I just don't see a higher intellect life form considering him, in his words, one of the "select few". I'm not buying it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17901474

Can't you see him wending his big belly, red and green suspenders intent eyes under bushy eyebrows carrying a lasso knocking on Dick Cheney's door.
He's read "The Stand" many, many times.
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