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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
Post Content
(Advocadess - who was a regular poster on Project Avalon until she was chased away - had an interesting view on this conflicing and incomplete information):

This is my take: In the beginning, Drake (and Wilcock) were the first to introduce me to The Plan in a way I would even listen. I had perhaps heard portions of it before from ET sources, but never felt I could give much credence to supposed ET sources, if you know what I mean.

Now in the past couple or few months I see what could be a collusion from many quarters -- (Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, Brockbrader, Cobra, SaLuSa and maybe some others I am forgetting at the moment) -- but that does not seem possible to be because of the basic disagreements between those parties (re Obama and re the UN for example) or could be truly non-organized synchronicities -- which is what I believe they ARE. I believe that something IS happening -- but that neither Drake nor Wilcock nor Fulford nor Brockbrader nor Cobra nor SaLuSa have all the pieces of the puzzle. Yet I see many odds and ends going on in this world, as well as in the consciousness in myself and those around me, that confirm their message. We are indeed in for a big transition, and it is up to us to use this time of great transition to remold our society and its workings to something sustainable, honest and FREE...!

+from: [link to avocadess.com]
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