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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
(I don't believe "channeled info", but this message, and its tone, was relevant to here):

All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL
June 20, 2012
By Sentient Decree and under the divine order of law, We the living people, beneficiaries of EARTH hereby ORDER the immediate arrest of all those who have caused destruction on and to this planet EARTH and to billions of it's beings.
. . .
As common GRANTORs of the EARTH TRUST we hereby ORDER that immediate arrest warrants be issued for All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL and that these warrants be served and executed AT ONCE by the responsible fiduciary-trustees and co-trustees to bring an end to the controlling commercial tyranny perpetrated wrongfully and by deceit under the threat of deadly force against the sentient beings of EARTH!

We the people ARE THE INHERITORS OF EARTH and today June 20, 2012 we stand together and present this universal claim of right to the EARTH and our lives and future forevermore!
Take heed that the harmful corporate 3D Matrix stops today!

On this glorious day it has been decided that the destruction of EARTH and its people is the highest priority in this galaxy and in the universe and today the harm stops! We have all come here to this planet together and by loving intention to ensure this!
NOTICE: Any attempt to stop this lawful action will be dealt with accordingly and swiftly on all levels by beings of supreme technology and power and measured out under the order of divine justice![/b

/more: [link to nesaranews.blogspot.hk]

It could be deliberate misinformation... designed to disappoint those who do want to believe
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