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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Here's the sort of thing the Cabal might get up to - and maybe soon

ET Disclosure in A Battle for Planet Earth: Whose agenda does that suit?
The Dark Cabal wants you to FEAR ET's and help FIGHT them

ET's are a threat to the Cabal, so they want you to battle them and help preserve their elite power.

The Cabal prefers to Disclose the ET presence in a Battle-for-Earth crisis

I think I can see where, in a worst case scenario, we may be headed in the Disclosure drama.

The ET's will arrive, and TPTB will want to fight them and their influence,
(Because the elites know, a key part of the "alien agenda" may be to free the people from the Cabal.)
So the Cabal shall then unleash their long-planned: "Alien false-flag invasion,"
complete with cabal controlled UFO flights, and maybe some high-profile destruction. This action which will be designed to pump up fear, and convince people to fall in line behind a Cabal-controlled military crackdown. They will try to manipulate people into thinking that we are involved in an all-out Battle to Save Earth. Instead, the real motive may be to create a distraction, and war psychology so that the elites will use the fear in an attempt to retain and expand their own power on this planet.

If the Cabal is successful, most humans will be fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the military, with the Cabal controlling the battle plans. Friendly or benevolent ETs will quickly identified as hostiles, and will never be given a chance to get their peaceful message across to the masses.

Just look at the Media, and many Scifi films over the last decade or two: V, Falling Skies, the Invasion of LA, Independence Day... and so on, and so on. The masses are being programmed to fear ETs and to see them as the enemy.

I reckon that the elites have used Remoting Viewing and other psychic tools to view their own future. And they have seen that their power is likely to disappear soon after the ETs arrive. But this elite plan is unlikely to succeed. Already, there is much evidence that the ETs are already working behind the scenes to remove them from power.

The planned false flag operation may involve attacks by Cabal-controlled UFO's on Earth targets, to make the real UFOs (controlled by benevolent ETs) look as if they are hostile. The genuine ETs will then have their hands full fighting Cabal-controlled UFOs, and will find themselves not greeted with the warmth by Earth's citizens, as they might have otherwise expected.

Those in-the-know about the long history of ET contacts and the real history of humans on thos planet will realise it is Cabal-controlled violence. But many others, who are less informed and living in fear may think that genuine ET's are hostile, and they will be motivated by fear, and distracted by the Cabal's military exercises.

I reckon this Battle-for-Planet-Earth scenario is one that ET's are eager to prevent. Perhaps this is why the ETs and EDs want to see the Cabal taken down before showing themselves.

Key Questions:
Are we running out of time to get the Cabal to surrender first, so we can have a gentle and peaceful disclosure, after the elites step aside?
Will the ETs now have to show themselves, and dosplay their power, in order to force the Cabal out-of-power.
If they do forcefully dispose of the elites, will they raise the risk of a violent Battle-for-Earth scenario?

We may know the answer to these important questions in the days and weeks to come.

/ Has anyone else picked up on this story yet ? /
 Quoting: Geologic

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