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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
Post Content
Are you taking Drake too seriously ??
Some worry you are...

// QUOTE //
[link to johnkettler.com]
... I’m not saying HE is the problem, but some of his sources are. He is hinging these “mass arrest” and operation “StarDust” on channelings from a Artificial / Machine Intelligence Source and calling that Pleiadians that is a serious problem...
. . .
Too many people are getting emotionally invested in this whole Drake, Cobra and Co. Dog and Pony show and its not healthy for anyone. People need to seriously sit back and observe what is going on and not get emotionally invested in this situation

I suggest: Avoid the emotional stress that would go with being a true-Believer.

Treat it as a drama you are watching.
Watch ... and Wait for solid evidence before making the big emotional investment.

As was posted above:
Often, It seems to be something that is happening on a parallel Earth, rather than the one we live on.
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