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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any evidence beyond the "imaginary"?
Not much really. For a while I thought the Mass Resignations might be, but there have been few Mass Resignations at the very top that appear to be anything but "normal" or coincidental.

I am still not ready to repeat the Drake Story to my Mainstream friends. I wonder when, if ever, that will change.
 Quoting: Geologic

They gave me evidence! I had not read this one bellow when they proved themselves, but it worked just the same.


Take time for each other, take time for yourselves, and look up into the sky every once in a while. You stare down at the street. We are up there, we’re there all the time. We’re with you, we’re always present with you, but you don’t see us, and sometimes we hide ourselves. We have technology to disguise ourselves but we can hover just 20 meters above you. We can stand in the grove next to your house without you seeing us, but occasionally we chose to show ourselves, so be attentive. If you begin to look up at the sky you will suddenly realize that we are there. Be attentive, stop staring down at the street and hurrying all the time! We’re around you all the time. There are constant energy transmissions taking place for the Earth, in cooperation with some people on Earth, in order to raise the collective consciousness of humanity by working with these Earth energies. We work together with Manne and Maria to raise the frequencies and the energies. We also know that there are other groups on Earth who do the same, and we encourage you: Come along! Join us! Work with yourselves! Work with the Earth! It’s possible to elevate a whole group of people simultaneously. You can connect a whole group of people through their consciousnesses to raise them simultaneously.

[link to soundofheart.org]

It talks about ascension... So I don't think they are wrong.

Are they truly ETs? Or are they writers of Think Tanks? With their social-engeneering insertions?

I don't know. But I saw an ORB on the sky recently and I got "super-powers"! Just as they claim we will.
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