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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-L
Post Content
A "MILITARY GREEN LIGHT" - got some action started

(that seems to be the message of this poster who says he knows Wilcock)

But there is still no "financial green light", and no high-profile Mass Arrests
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LoneBear :

Seemed like David was trying to offer up reasons why the green light wouldn't go through more than he was in support of Drake by believing him. What do you guys think?

I happen to know David, personally. He is fully supportive of Drake and "The Event" we are all wanting the Green Light for. But I understand his position. When Drake gave the Green Light, David was the first person I contacted and he, being the journalist he is, got in touch with Drake so he had first-hand information and then checked with his own "insiders" to see if they knew anything--which they did not--and hence his position, "hopeful but unverified."

Given this is a military Green Light, it is reasonable to assume people aren't going to blab about it all over the internet. I know there are veterans on this forum and I'm sure they can tell you that if an operation is in progress, you DON'T talk about it. Period. And you probably won't find out what happened until it is over.

/source: [link to globalvoice2012.us]
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GV-Forum: [link to globalvoice2012.us]
This new FORUM above seems to do a good job of summarizing "The Drake Drama",
and so there is less need for me to do it here - I can save my comments for the Bigger News
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