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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-L-Mission
Post Content
Hey, posters, WAKE UP!
Are you idiots? If not why make idiotic postings?

The point of this Thread is not to decided whether or not "Drake is an idiot." Certainly he makes many colorful, inaccurate, and misleading statements. Anyone can quickly see that.

This thread has a MISSION :
It is to SEARCH FOR THE GRAIN OF TRUTH amongst those involved in the Drake Drama.

If you think there is no truth at all, then maybe this thread has nothing for you. (So just ignore it?!)

I do not know exactly where that truth lies, but I am trying to strip away the nonsense, and find it.

The previous post of mine is worth reading carefully (so many hear seem to have lost the ability to do that - perhaps it shows how poor the education system in the USA has become. If so, I am glad I got the 'ell out.) I was not supporting Cobra's statement. I read it, and found it unconvincing. Wasn't that obvious from my comment? Not to an uneducated idiot perhaps.

DRAKE USED TO TALK PLENTY ABOUT NESARA. I haven't heard much of that recently. I always thought it was "pure Hopium", nonsense designed to feed hope to those who are in financial difficulty. I don't find doing that to be a good thing - I think it is cruel. These poor people need to take real steps to improve their situations. No waste energy on hopeful fantasies.

Here's what writer Ed Griffin (The Creature from Jeckyl Island) said about NESARA:


Posted By: economica
Date: Tuesday, 11-Nov-2003 15:37:03


National Economic Stabilization & Recovery Act Needs Serious Revision


[link to www.moneyfiles.org]

Yes, I have seen it Ė and I donít like it. I wish I knew who wrote it. It has all the earmarks of false leadership. See my standard reply, below:

NESARA is an old idea dressed in new clothing. The assumption is that those big, bad bankers are the cause of all our monetary problems. If we can just take away their power to create money out of nothing and let our politicians create money out of nothing instead, everything will be all right. It wonít. The problem is, not who runs the scam, but the fact that it IS a scam. Fiat money is fiat money no matter who make it. Politicians are no more trustworthy than bankers Ė and often they are one and the same.

In the NESARA Executive Summary, point number one says that the bill would establish Treasury credit notes. That means money based on debt, not bullion. It is fiat money. And, incidentally, credit notes are forbidden by the Constitution, so the claim that NERSARA is Constitutional is totally false.

Point number three calls, not for abolishing the Fed, but for merely turning it over to the Treasury. Point number five calls for continuing the operation of the Open Market Committee, which is the primary mechanism by which the Fed creates money out of nothing.

Donít fall for this trap. It is not a solution. The preliminary wording is very strong and positive sounding, but it is deception. It would give people the false impression that something is being done but, in the end, the same people would be perpetuating the same scam as before.

Ed Griffin

[link to www.nesara.com] as an Adobe PDF file
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