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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After the Cabal was lately cut off from nuclear weapons, they began frantically developing new biological and chemical weapons. The Rothschild faction threatened to use one of these weapons (the so-called Flipper virus) and decimate the Earthís population if the mass arrests would take place on July 4th....
 Quoting: Still-L-smiling-at-this 5709908

Oh gee! I'm so relieved that there was a perfectly reasonable and valid reason why we didn't see all those mass arrests.

Because for a while there I was starting to wonder...
 Quoting: SuperManny

Only in parallel with operation "stardust"

A recent release of orgonite-phosphate into earthís inner atmosphere not only targeted the NWO archontic false-authority clones
.... for tracking ....
.... and termination ...
but also greatly reduced the chemtrailing of GAIA and its people and completely reversed the effects of this death spray on innocent people and all living species on GAIA!

The cabalís psychotic chemtrailing episode over the last 6 months was an effort to implant destructive synthetic archons into humans at the nano level.

These alien micro-machine-organisms would have created a complete transhuman race in rapid time! This was a key factor for the higher races to set aside the prime directive and to intervene for Gaia! The orgonite-phosphate dust was designed not to harm sentient life in any way!
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