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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
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ABOUT "CONTAINMENT" - an alternative to Mass Arrests?
(that's what Sierra Neblina says)

Let me explain what I mean by containment as I understand and have witnessed. When tracking down these souls, we would inform the galactics of where the people were, and then they would take that person on ship and sit them down and have a good stern talking to these people. They were told that their behavior would no longer be acceptable and that they were given the choice to continue to operate on the Third Dimension, but the rules had changed for them. If they took any action against the planet or the people what wasnít in the highest light, they would suffer the immediate consequence of that action.

How I can describe it is this. Imagine a soul that is put into a container of light. The soul is still in the body, but itís under house arrest. Every thought and action of that person is being watched. If the person acts against any other person or the planet in a way that is not in the light, an immediate and powerful response is felt by that person. It is likened to a shock. It is the warning.

It is immediately fallowed with an intense beam of Love. That love penetrates the very fiber of the person in containment. Each person in containment is also given an ngelic guide to assist with the Ďrehabilitationí. Yes, every person is given the chance to rehabilitate. It is universal law. But, if the person continues to act against the agreement, choosing negative thoughts and actions, then the personís soul will be removed and put into confinement on board ship and watched after by the galactics until the Shift has been completed.

Each person is warned ahead of time that there will be swift consequences to their actions and that they will be monitored constantly. There are, of course, the darkest of the dark. Souls so dark and contaminated that they were tracked and removed immediately. These are the souls so contaminated by eons of abuse to the planet and people that they, along with the negative ETís that had been assisting them, were all removed immediately. This was done during the great cleanse, when the underground bases of these negative ETís were destroyed, several months ago [August-September 2011].

/more: [link to the2012scenario.com]
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