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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic-Still-Here
Post Content
== QUOTE from R. =====
Nothing here yet about the LIBOR scandal ...
Now my humble thoughts on where this is going .\
World politicians will choose between fat banks and the people / economy / pitchforks , it will be people 1 , bankers 0 .

World .GOV has in the background been thrashing around to find a scapegoat for 2007 / 8 and what has happened since and now has one , the LIBOR banks have been ripping everyone off , the politicos have someone to blame , LIBOR controls the intrest on all your debt , credit cards mortgage car payment , the lot , and the banks have been fiddling it , collecting huge profits in the bargain , (Howls of disgust from Washington / London ET AL ) There is talk that the centeral bankers knew about this BUT as most people dont know they are PRIVATE banks , supposedly at arms length from GOV , so Bernankie / Fed Reserve are toast / wolf bait . The numbers floating round are in the 800 / 900 trillion mark , that's TRILLIONS folks , . GOV has been handed a scapegoat on a plate , The UK media is going ape about it , the US media will follow suit when they are let off the political leash .( there is a choice to be made here , politicos will vote for survival / easy way out )
In a few months when the sheer size of the ripoff comes to light the politicos will throw the bankers to the wolves , in doing so opening a way to reset the whole world economy , a " jubilee " planet wide...

=== UNQUOTE =====

Yes. That is well-said.
We are all over this issue on another site - But you have said it nice and concisely.

Another way would be: Guilliotine the Bankers, politicians! / Or the public will guilliotine you !
(ie CUT: Banker jobs, salaries, bonuses - make 'em smaller.)

== QUOTE from R. =====
.... a " jubilee " planet wide , Government and private debt canceled " it was the banks that caused all this "

Banks will become , A, high street banks and B . Bankrupt / closed down / fired / jailed , draconian measures will be put in place to stop the excesses of the market , there will be no market , just high street banking . the stock market will be reset at the 1500 mark .
Banks have cut their own throats with their greed , the LIBOR fiasco has given . GOV a way out , any bets on if they will take it ?

=== UNQUOTE =====

What choice will they have - Let's leave them with no choice.
We need to end the over-weaning influence of bankers in Washington !

About Drake Bailey and the Mass Arrests :

Wouldn't it be nice?! But it seemed to require Divine intervention, or maybe ET intervention.
Now Libor provides a trigger where real people can push for real change, including banker arrests, resignations - Containment!
Bring it on !
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