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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
I have lost hope that the humans on this planet can get the job done...

From Cobra' site: [link to 2012portal.blogspot.com]
The Plan Expanded
Friday, July 13, 2012

The original plan for the liberation of this planet has been expanded...
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

But You (the public) will get less info, because you have "underperformed" !?

( Whoops! what's that mean? What was really expected of those who had such little info, I wonder)

Here are the Highlights

The original plan for the liberation of this planet has been expanded. There will be less talk and more action:
Less intel will be declassified and given to the general population…[they have] underperformed regarding what it did with the intel received.

The Matrix is beginning to crack in the mass media. The cracks will expand and widen.
Mainstream media are starting to report about disclosure also.

At a specific point before the Event, certain actions will be taken that will bring undeniable proof to the awakened population that the Plan is real and that there are indeed Light forces working towards the planetary liberation.
Greed and lust for power inside the Light forces on the surface of this planet… is understandable… But when it begins to hinder operations… people responsible for this will be held accountable.

The Resistance Movement will give positive groups on the surface of the planet a certain limited period of time to carry out the actual liberation themselves. If they fail to do so, direct action will be taken by the Resistance…
The “containment”, as many channels describe it, is not possible.

There will be actual physical arrests of the Cabal taking place.

/source: [link to kauilapele.wordpress.com]
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