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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
Did reader here, notice the following comment:
"The thread was mainly about Drake, but when he made so many "crazy" statements, and missed so many deadlines, I added COBRA to the title."

In what way were Drake's ideas "crazy"?

Well here are two examples from the first few minutes of his Sunday podcast. He said:

1/ "People will not have to work"
2/ "The positive military did not know who they could trust", so they did not go ahead with Mass Arrests

Just a little thought will show how nutty these statements are:

First, how would it be possible that people can STOP WORKING? He spoke about there being Trillions of Dollars of wealth available in trust accounts. This shows a total misunderstanding of WHAT WEALTH IS.

It is not lots of extra zeros at the end of a big figure in a bank account. Nor is it tons of Gold. Real wealth comes down to one crucial thing: The ability to incentivise others to work.

Work will still need to be done. People will want to eat. They will get ill and want medical care. They will want a whole range of services.

If everyone stops working because they are given huge bank accounts, then those whose work is really needed will soon demand huge incomes for the work they are asked to do. If you inherit millions from a rich relative, and everyone else gets the same. Then the guy who is asked to wash the dishes may ask for $10,000 a month, or $100k per month or more, just to wash the dishes or to clean and prepare the food.

Drake seems to have no idea what real wealth is. His notion of people getting all this money, and the world not falling apart, until people find a reason to work, is simply mad.

Secondly, the TRUST ISSUE was always there. It was obvious, important and never addressed by him.

To put it simply: How does the military or anyone else know whom to arrest?

If you simply arrest those who Drake or Drake's friends say are guilty, then how do you know they are getting the right ones?

I had thought from the very beginning that if there was any reality to the Mass Arrests plan, then it might simply be a means that one faction within the Cabal was going to use to get rid of a second faction. If the plan went ahead, then we just might find that one group of "bad hats" are removed, and replaced with a second and even more sinister group of "bad hats."

The whole idea of "White Hats" is a little mad. Can you really know the good guys from the fact that they identify themselves as good guys?

This is why we have a legal system, and using the legal process that was established for this country is so important. Even thsoe who are accused must be given a chance to defend themselves. And those who are making the accusations must be able to prove their case.

I was a skeptic that the Mass Arrests would happen, because I doubted that sufficient evidence had been collected, and that the dejure Legal system, or a reasonable replacement for it, was really ready to "process the bad guys."

Maybe we will see many banker arrests within a few months. I would not rule it out. In fact, we see various legal proceedings starting up as a result of the Libor manipulations. And there is cause for many other legal actions, against the banking sector. But these will take time, if they are to proceed in an orderly way, that will enable our society to hang together are power structures are changed.
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