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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
=== Quote from some weeks ago ======
The Anti-Cabal drama seems to be moving on to other players.
=== Unquote ======

In his continuing search for an audience, Drake seems to have moved on to talking the to Militia about gun-control issues.

But the Meme of Mass Arrests is still out there.
Here's Cobra's latest:

Cobra: The Plan and What You Can Do

Posted By: CGI_admin .. Monday, 30-Jul-2012 19:16:45

I have received new intel about the Plan.
The Event will be a multidimensional breakthrough for planet Earth that will send waves of Light across the Universe. The Event will be spiritual and physical in nature. It will encompass a breakthrough in removal of non-physical negative entities, mass arrests of the Cabal and drastic increase of sightings of positive UFOs. It will be an unified effort of the Pleiadians, the Resistance Movement, Positive Military, White Dragon Society and other positive groups.
The Event is scheduled for October this year or later.

The Event is only the beginning, then things will go as fast as humanity can integrate. First Contact operations will proceed along with the restructuring of the system. New financial system will be very short lived since after the First Contact money will become obsolete.

The Ascension will NOT happen on December 21st. Humanity needs a lot of healing and December 21st is just the beginning of the Ascension process...

The main reason why mass arrests of the Cabal did not happen within the April to June timeframe is that the Positive Military was not aware of Archons until recently and did not integrate them in their 35+ years old plan. The other reason was that positive groups got heavily infiltrated by the Cabal.

Nothing spectacular will happen on August 4th. There will be a gradual increase of number of UFO sightings during August / September period. The hostage situation around humanity is slowly being resolved, the ships of Pleiadians and other positive civilizations of Light are progressing towards the surface of planet Earth.

[link to 2012portal.blogspot.com]

"October or later", he says.
Does anyone else get the idea that this is to BUY SOME TIME for those interested in the Mass Arrests drama?
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