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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
I can't believe that Iraqi Dinar Revaluation scam bullshit is still running. How long has it been now, since the RV was going to be in the next few days? Over two years they have dragged out these suckers.

No surprises that people like Cobra and Camelot think that a RV of the Dinar is going to happen. They are once again the last to know, and once again - basic fact checking would have saved their public stupidity.

There will NO revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. It is a total scam from top to bottom. And even if they DO RV it, it won't be worth shit outside of Iraq. You're gonna have to spend it on building mudhuts with aircon to rent out to even see a shekel in return.

I hate to say this, but conspiracy tards just don't come any dumber than this.
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