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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Still-Listening
Post Content

(A Grab for Drake's remaining audience?
That may be what is going on right now.
Here's a summary from elsewhere.):

=== W2:
That's what they're saying on that new group, that Alfred wants his audience.
And let's not forget more than one prediction having not materialized in the slightest.

=== DB:
Yes. That must be it.
Alfred wants to grab Drake's audience while he still has one.

I have warmed to Alfred, thought I find him to have an awkward speaking pattern, which makes him harder to listen to than a "master", like Wilcock. Still, he has some strange ideas. As a small example, he said the House of Windsor is "worth $100 Trillion." That is simply not credible. Anyone who bothers to collect information on how much wealth in in the world, will find that laughable - Where would they store it? What form is it held? (The total wealth of US Households has been estimated at $63 Trillion - and the Queen owns MORE than that? Where is it held, off planet?) It doesn't take much work to check an exaggerate claim like that, and Webre should check it, and defend it, if he believes it after checking.

/ END /
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