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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle A-Ben-Fan
Post Content
Benjamin Fulford Update 8-21-12…
”Cabal Control Is Disintegrating At An Accelerating Pace On Multiple Fronts”

(The title on this Ben report is not Ben’s original title)


…the IMF is now officially calling for an Iceland style solution (bust the banks and arrest corrupt bankers and politicians who accepted their bribes).

Now the most brainwashed people in the West are failing to explain the contradictions of their so-called leaders.
Neil Keenan’s liens… are now set to be refiled as early as this Friday… [they] have way more evidence backing them than the original Keenan lawsuit ever did…

Keenan says he has the backing of the pentagon and most of the US law enforcement establishment as well as Interpol.
The Japanese underworld and all major Yakuza gangs have now agreed to stop working for the cabal and take action against their puppets.

Posted on 2012/08/20 by kauilapele :
[link to kauilapele.wordpress.com]

Thinking back:
I wonder if Ben Fulford may have trigger the whole Drake Drama, by giving Drake the subject of Mass Arrests to talk about... and to use to build an audience
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