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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
This "mass arrests" shit is going on forever to the point where right now all I'm thinking about are earthquakes...tounge
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

It is best to put that Mass Arrests scenario out of your mind, and not expect anything for the next several weeks at least.

That way if it happens, it will be a happy surprise (assuming the scenario is happy.)

I don't we should be expecting White Hats in the military or ET's to save us. Why should they?
 Quoting: Still-Listening 22603851

Well we should just keep a close watch on the earthquake swarm in California. Something tells me Cobra and Tolec's "Event" is closely related to waiting for a massive earthquake to happen in West Coast USA, that also causes the eruption of the underwater volcano off Oregon, as Tolec stated below:

"When are the people from the four (4) affiliated Andromeda Council planets expected to visit with the people of Earth?

ANSWER: Yes, it is Summer 2012, at least as referenced by the standards of seasons in the northern hemisphere on planet Earth. They should begin visiting sometime soon after the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base has been destroyed by the "Cosmic event", the progress about which I have provided continuous relevant updates above since May 26, 2012, the most recent August 9, 2012. This event will be significant not only because of what it will do, but also because of higher dimensional energies it will bring in to this planet."

[link to andromedacouncil.com]
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