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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
Cobra: Window for New Conferences

Cobra Conferences Around the World

As you probably know, there is the second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention that is opening very soon:
10-21-2012 : Day of Decision
11-22-2012 : Eleventh Gate
12-21-2012 : Day of the Contact

For this time window I have received clearance to go public in a limited way in a number of conferences around the world where people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

+ continues: [link to 2012portal.blogspot.hk]
 Quoting: Still-Listening 22603851

I don't know why but I think there is something wrong with what Cobra is trying to convey. I don't know about you, OP, but I am just sticking with Tolec and Drake for the time being. I will now disengage myself from following Cobra's info until the Cabal really has been toppled. Something tells me Cobra is not telling everything and has a LOT to hide. Right now I am more focusing on monitoring Earth Changes events(earthquakes, hurricanes, magnetic pole shifting, solar events and magnetosphere conditions)than following this "Mass arrests" meme.
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