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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle Geologic
Post Content
In Hindsight: Another HOPE BUBBLE that Burst

A lot of the Drake folks are also ones who religiously gobble up everything the GFL (Gullible Federation of Losers) has to say.

It makes sense. Both have been 100% wrong in everything they have predicted. Yet people keep coming back for more.
. . .
I never try to convince anyone of anything anymore. But these people really need to snap out of it, and stop living in pretend land.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8023211

HOPE rises eternally, doesn't it !
Like a spring than never runs out

There is much truth in what you say. And I think this Thread now fulfills an important function. It shows how another hopeful-sounding storyteller was embraced by thousands, and maybe tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands... for telling people A STORY THEY WANTED TO HEAR.

Although it was a far-fetched story, there were some elements which rang true. And other celebrities in the Alternative Media circus trying to jump on the rising trend of interest.

But like some many of these sudden Hope Bubbles, this one soon burst... just like the others before it.

Most here never bought into the story as a Truth story, but we watched it grow with interest, hoping that sparks of interest in the story would ignite into something more than a brief dance of fireflies, passing in the night.

That's all we seem to have here now. And Drake's rather desperate efforts to hold onto an audience are beginning to look embarrassing.

I am glad the thread is here, and I hope it stays alive - People can learn from it. Especially how willing people are to embrace something that seems hopeful, new, and easy.

If fact, isn't this the same story we had with Obama. He was new. He was full of hopeful rhetoric. He spoke of Change. But in the end, he also looks like a big disappoint.

I think we need to demand more proof, and more track record of people, before we invest too many Hopes in them.
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