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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle veryAWAKE
Post Content
3 strikes you’re out rule: after hearing the third denial that Lucifer is not a ‘bad guy’ on 10/10 show, D&Co. are officially dismissed. Let’s connect the dots, shall we?
HOW DOES ANYONE GET INTO THE ‘MORIAH’ FAMILY OF ILLUMINATION? They are BORN in to it/their parents are members. (the rest are minions)
HOW OLD DID HE SAY HE WAS WHEN HE ‘WAS CONTACTED BY MILITARY’? 5. (military to a 5 yr old could be confused w/ organized training, mind control, etc.. use your common sense)
WHAT DID ‘D’ STATE HE VIEWED W/ ‘MILITARY’ 20 YEARS AGO? ‘The Plan’. (same ‘plan’ that Carolyn Hamlett speaks of? Same plan that all ‘illuminati defectors’ speak of? NWO plan.
WHAT HAS ‘D’ SAID HE IS PROTECTED BY? ET’S. (and stated he ‘talks’ to them and SEES them) MKultra?
WHO ARE HIS COUSINS? Jewish rabbis.. to Talmud or not to Talmud, that is the question.
WHAT MEDICAL CONDITION HAS ‘D’ STATED HE HAS? PTSD, link confirmation on his site.
WHO IS ‘D’ ENDORSING? Tolec a New Age channeler.
WHO INTRODUCED ‘D’ TO THE ‘FREEDOM’ MOVEMENT ON THE INTERNET? Wilcock, who now states he has channeled lucifer! And is another ‘New Ager’ preaching ‘ascension’.
HOW LONG DID ‘D’ STATE HE WAS IN THE MILITARY? 1966-1972. Yet his discharge form on his site shows approximately a year and blacked out reason for discharge. Why was this? Underground training continuation?
WHAT DATES DID ‘D’ STATE TO CALLER THAT ‘THE EVENT’ WOULD HAPPEN BY? Halloween, Xmas, and May Day (or May 1st) maybe you should view the ‘Satanic Calendar’ if you have not to seen these are ALL dates of great significance to that society.
WHAT GROUP DOES ‘D’ ADMIT HE IS MEMBER OF? White Dragon Society. Another group preaching ‘freedom’ and proprosing the ‘false promise’ through disinformation to deceive the masses?
WHAT NEW AGE TITLE HAS ‘D’ ASSOCIATED HIMSELF WITH. Rainbow warrior/rainbow sword.
WHO HAS ‘D’ KEPT ON HIS SHOW? MM/Light who stated on one show he is a 4 time felon.
WHERE DID ‘D’ STATE PEOPLE WHO REFUSE 4D/5D ASCENSION AND STAY IN 3D WILL GO? Shipped off to another planet. Those who refuse ‘the plan/NWO’? He stated you will have a ‘choice’.

There is much more for case in point here. Why is it that some ‘whistleblowers’ are being incarcerated or worse; and others such as ‘D’, Wilcock, Tolec,on and on are free to disseminate information? What did we ‘witness’ with Brockbrader’s process? What REALLY is going on here and what is the motive/goal these folks are to achieve? Who are they really working for ? THE PLAN? Understand there are many ‘methods’ to sway the public through using fear, promises, truth mixed with lies, predictions, false documents, media, etc. Deception is the name of the game! What is the desired outcome? To have the masses move toward ‘The Plan’ peaceably through believing in the name of ‘freedom’, ascension, achieving godhood, receiving collateral payoffs, health machines, ET rescue/disclosure, alien war against earth, meditation and contacting higher spirits through khundalini serpeant release, transhumanism, on and on. Are you so easily deceived? Who are YOU??? Are you so LOST??? This is a war for not just your mind, but for your very spirit/soul. Will you allow yourself to be ‘sold out’? Or are you already? Following a false prophet who denies Lucifer is a bad guy? Think about what you are doing. Think hard!!!
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