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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle GeologicToo
Post Content
Look to THESE developing News Events, to come BEFORE Mass Arrests:
1/ A Global Currency Reboot
 Quoting: Still-Listening 5709908

YES, that may be...

(THIS could be the "Something Big" - it is a reasonable fit, and may eventually be associated with some high profile Arrests):

A Global currency REBOOT may be underway already.

Here are some facts/possibilities: small and reported, to big and only possibly true - That suggest that our present currency model is unstable, even highly unstable, and may soon be replaced:

(Five main stories - Connect the Dots !)

+ HK Dollar hits new highs, and the HK Monetary intervenes to hold the HKD within the range of the peg (HK$7.85-$7.75, /US$0.1274 - 0.1290)

+ Japan's finance minister commits suicide, and Japan discovers Hundreds of Billions of yen are missing from its pension system (it is said)

+ The Fed transfers key individuals to the US Treasury amid reports that the Fed itself may soon be subsumed by the US Treasury

+ China has begun buying oil priced in non-dollar currencies from a new exchange based in Iran, and Russia has agreed to back deliveries with its own oil

+ Rumors fly on the internet that funds held by certain secret organizations will soon be swung in support of a new global currency regime
[link to www.greenenergyinvestors.com]
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