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Message Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
Poster Handle LD50
Post Content
I've almost quit listening. I was so happy a while back when they dropped Lady Dragon - was she annoying or what!? Now they give Teri Hinkle too much time to read a tough love monologue rant about taking responsibility for our own freedom. This is so annoying, not because I don't feel I need to take responsibility for myself but, because the whole reason Drake came into the public eye was because of his empty promises and assurances that the "good military" will save us. Now, Teri goes in there and totally contradicts Drake's original commitments by saying, "No Cavalry is coming for you...." in her tough love monologue.
Drake specifically said, prior to Independence Day, that the military told him to give us a message that "The Cavalry is coming." So, what the honk? I don't know what his angle is - he's not selling books. He has no youtube where he gets paid for clicks. He doesn't ask for donations. Is he simply there to confuse us with disinfo? I don't get it - what is his purpose? Has it been the same all along or has he been compromised one way or the other?

You can still find his weekend and mid-week "vital updates" here -

[link to www.spreaker.com]


[link to globalvoice2012.us]

Unless you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do and cannot stand the chatter/noise in your office and you've used up your free Pandora hours, don't bother listening.
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