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04/01/2012 02:38 PM
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I know everyone is all about doom, but I have a little news for you. I've been doing my homework for the last couple of months and I have a bold prediction. As much as I know this world is in poor economic condition, the FED and the U.S. Government have a plan.

We are going into summer, spending is picking back up and the media is doing a great job at portraying that the U.S. economy is on its way to a healthy recovery. And we all know that's part of their goal. The only circumstance they cannot control is nature. If we have a catastrophic earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or some other type of weather phenomenon everything could just instantly change. But according to my research, we are golden until just after election time. Economically TPTB have created a blanket or short term insurance policy, so to speak. The agenda is to keep BO in office and that's obviously going to happen. He'll probably still have most of his $1billion plus in place come election time as he won't need to worry about Romney winning the election.

All our politicians have to do is paint the picture, which already looks like Picasso, but underneath that Picasso is an evil depiction of a broken world. That Picasso will slowly fade as both Republicans and Democrats won't have to worry about fighting for political positions anymore come the day after election time. The damage will have been done. Obama and our evil politicians will have a strangle hold on our bill of rights, freedom and grim future.

I believe 2013 is when everything changes. They'll be no need to play the game anymore, no one will care about impeaching Obama because we'll have to fight the real fight. This battle was won thanks to banksters and the FED. It's a band aide on an extremely bloody wound. Enjoy the year ahead because I believe we have 8-9 months of smooth sailing before some big changes occur.