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Message Subject Superman (2012) ILLUMINATI Logo! Superman is a DRAGON!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Superman is based on an ancient Jewish fable, thousands of years old. The S on the cape is in fact a re coiled snake about to strike, and the fable probably has more truth than one realizes. It's my belief this fable maybe connected to an early reptilians breed of beings and that it's based more on truth than what people know. So there ya go. Krptonite may well be orgone as reptos hate the stuff. It burns them apparently. The similarities to the Jesus story, ie the saviours of mankind type scenario, shows us in a way that there is more to this character than we understand. Just putting this out there to btw.
 Quoting: Unbeliever 5891424

The krptonite is a green stone, green stone or in my culture(Maori)Ponamu is known as a healing stone.


The same green stone is also used as a instrument of death, war weapon known as a patu/mere, as seen in Egyptian hieroglyphic in the SA symbol which coincidentally represents protection.

Sa (sa) - "Protection"
[link to www.egyptianmyths.net]
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