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Anonymous Coward
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04/02/2012 01:09 PM
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In traditional society, the male and female roles both had their challenges and perks. A man would have to go out and work to provide for his family, and in exchange he gets to come home to a nice meal, a kept house, and nice, feminine woman to comfort him after a stressful day. A woman had to raise the children, cook, and housekeep, but in exchange the man would bear the burden of a job, buy her things with his hard-earned money, open doors for her, and treat her like a goddess. Neither sex had ALL the perks, but it was BALANCED.

However feminism claims that this model was not balanced, and that it had to be rectified to allow more freedoms for women. But is today's post-feminism society really more balanced than the old model?

While many men even today tend to side with the idea of traditional gender roles, feminist women don't take to the only logical and balanced opposing view, which would the dismantling of traditional gender roles for both sexes, allowing for an equal freedom of lifestyle and expression for both sexes. Instead, they seek to deconstruct gender expectations for women ONLY, while still expecting men to stay relegated to their role of the masculine and top provider. Feminist women want to work my job for equal pay, wear men's clothing, and to be allowed to behave in an aggressive and crass way like men. But they still want men to pay for their meals on a date, hold the door for them, and treat them like dainty, helpless damsels (sorry, but there are no damsels in my line of work). In other words, women claim to want to be seen as equals to men in society, and will rage at the suggestion of a relegated "role" for women (like the traditional male role that is still imposed on men by women today?)... But when some aspect of being "equal" to men is too challenging or unpleasant for them, they shrink back into their "but I'm just a little woman" act to cop out. They want to exercise the "perks" of being a female in traditional society without being burdened with the rest of the role. And men, for the longest time, quietly dealt with it, because part of our traditional role is to be stoic and to "deal with it". WOMEN ARE TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS.

Women, have you ever wondered why men are showing frustration towards women lately? No, it's not because we're gay, despite how much you'd love to use that as a cop-out. It's because we're waking up to your supremacist, anti-male ideologies, and we're not having it anymore. Feminism was never about balancing society. It was always about female supremacy, devaluing men in society, and making men subservient to women. FEMINISM isn't the godsend that will free both sexes of oppressive gender roles and balance society like feminists would have you believe it is. It's simply a moniker for MISANDRY, the female equivalent of MISOGYNY. But feminists get a free pass on all of their sexism and hate, because feminism is simply payback for all the HORRIBLE things traditional society has brought to women, such as the luxury to not work and still reap the benefits of wealth, to be sheltered and protected by men, and to cry incessantly like a child when you have absolutely no reason to. And to suggest otherwise is MISOGYNIST, which is of course frowned upon as evil and destructive. I wonder why that is? Could it be because misogyny suggests that women should be subservient to men, much in the way that men are subservient to women in the feminist model of society? Hmmm...