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Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
*think energy fields*


Throughout material things the power is known
Of one attractive law which binds the whole,
In smallest atoms is its presence shown,
And suns and planets prove its vast control.

The flaming comet, this restraining force
Calls from his wanderings thro’ the fields of space;
Around the sun he takes his fiery course,
Then starts impetuous on his distant race.

Impell’d by this, each satellite attends
Her guardian planet, and his journey cheers,
And on this power unseen, the sun depends
To guide the movements of his circling spheres.

And does there not exist a power like this,
The human soul to regulate and bind?
The wisdom of the past proclaims there is
A law as potent in the world of mind

~Samuel Mcpherson Janney

The last of the Lanape

[link to books.google.com]

The Lenape people

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Imagery of the fields...

[link to www.google.com]
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