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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To address both of your posts:

Yes, "destroying the ego" is some convoluted new age psycho babble. It's impossible.

The believers in that philosophy are the most self absorbed of the bunch.

Typical adherents to that philosophy will most likely be a condescending douche bag.

They will state something in absolute certainty and if you disagree, they will say something like, "You fear it" or assume you are some neolithic caveman because you don't 'dig' their 'world view'.

Most of them are even bigger sheeple follower drones than the "Joe six packs" and "Suzie soccer moms".
 Quoting: Rayrayz

Not 'destroying the ego' but knowing - and being able to recognize and shut it down when it's taking over. :)
 Quoting: Sloane

Which I definitely do...but that didn't come from some "guru"...Mostly from upbringing and life experiences.

Not sure why people need "gurus" to tell them the basic fundamentals to being a good person.

Should be instinctual...and if it's not, then yeah...you might need a guru.

Don't assume everyone does though.

That comes across as drone-like and weird to your average moral/well adjusted person.

Just sayin'.
 Quoting: Rayrayz

Ha! It's not about 'needing' a guru - I think I was born a good person, he is just someone who hits home with me and is more articulate. We are not all blessed with being able to put our thoughts into words so precisely. hf
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