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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle aether
Post Content

i stopped at thirteen, never took an exam after age 11

your posts continue my funny to me memories

i discovered why no religious, alien, ghost, goblin etc. topics where ever mentioned in our household in my later life.

years after i left home my mum one day said, son there are things i would never tell your dad (she said father), but she never said what

within a year or so of her telling that dad says , son there are things i would never tell your mum (he said mother), but he never said what

way after that mum, out of nowhere to me, asked if i talked to jimmy
i replied i know of no jimmy`s, describe him
she says, jimmy , you know, jesus and was amazed i didn`t know what she was talking about
it seems her entire life she experienced the voice of jesus talking to her but never told anyone, nor did she mention it again to my knowledge

dad told me he, as a young man before he met my mum, believed nothing and was an avid reader.
he believed nothing until he read some hindu books which so threatened his idea of reality he decided he must stop reading them and stop reading non fiction completely, which he did
to the best of my knowledge he read only fictional cowboy books or thrillers ever again

that was the reason those topics where never mentioned , mum and dad possessed a secret unspoken taboo formed from their own secret thoughts/experiences

i think that funny cos i`m not sure either of them saw it like that or even noticed
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