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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
I understand, and that's an admirable trait. You like to look past the human form and peek into what's underneath all those layers of routine, contortion, etc.

I myself am tuned to unraveling whatever tangled mess is thrown at me. And understanding what contorted mess I am throwing out as well.

I know you will not say who is stalking you and perhaps me. I don't wish to influence you in any particular direction. The only thing I will say on that matter is that this person should know that you will either do as your told (as we humans love to do) or say 'no' and not do what your told (the only thing we love more than doing what we're told is to not do what we're told).

In this particular instance, you said fuck it. The only question is...is that what this stalker intended?

I'd love to chat with this person. But if I don't, it will only be a pity.

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