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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today I assisted an elderly man with an address update on his record and then he start crying...I asked him if he was okay and he just went into a long winded description on how hard it was to reach our office by phone and after spending an hour confused and frustrated by our automated number tree he hung up and drove here in a rage wanting to take it out on someone.

He said he did not expect to be treated like a human being and have his issue taken care of in less than two minutes like what just happened. He started to apologize to me because in his words "you're too young to remember what it was like when we just helped eachother out in rough times". He said people 20 years from now won't remember what it was like back when people were just "there for eachother".

I love technology just as much as the next person...it does save us time on some things but it appears we just cram more useless crap into the moments we "free up" instead of making them count for something.
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