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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
The interaction between coherent pairs is I guess a pretty touchy topic...

And I'm working thru this as I think about it...so if you think mistakes in wording won't be made feel free to point them out...

Just an example from recent posting...because I want some honest feedback about how this process works it's gonna mean being kinda embarrassingly open with my thoughts...but at this point I'd rather find more people who get it than worry about being ridiculed...so...
the word merkaba rings a big bell
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward X

What's your word for it?
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

its really not a word its a symbol?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward X

why are you up late????...yapping like a lap poodle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward X

I was waiting on midnight...it's my mother's birthday today...and I miss her like fucking hell...so...trying to avoid the pain of all that.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

Call to her, love.
She will come.
They are only as far as a thought...
Just be open for the 'signs'.
 Quoting: Seer777

It's funny because I sign off for the night thinking about calling my mother in dreams and tell her to send me a "fuckin' square" as a sign (in humor) because I'm thinking as I go to bed about my making room for a man in my life and how if I had someone here to talk to about shit like this I wouldn't be online at midnight when I have to work at 7 am trying to cope with my feelings of loss over her... and although I want some crazy passionate freak of nature (in a man) I probably would be better matched with some boring square type person...quiet reserved but one who could diffuse my tendencies to go full on intense. So I go to bed...and nothing...no dreams of my mother.
Wake up thinking "thanks for the square ma"...realizing I had no dreams...much less any visit from her.
(Being snotty to the universe...lol waaaahhh--cry over not getting what I want when I want it...dammit...kind of attitude.)
So I go about my day yesterday...and...
(I'm still piecing this together so it'll take a bit before I finish this post...and it's gonna be AWKWARD as fuck to put in writing but...feck it...
be back in a bit.)

So...goin' about the day...most often lately I'm wondering about a zillion things at once but a few things will stand out and lately a main theme is intent and it's importance in building energetic structures...as far as thinking about key ingredients to the grand question "what actually MAKES shit happen?" in regards to our material world...I've talked with others here before who say things about creation/manifestation can only happen when the all that is not you is in harmony with what you are "proposing" to bring into existence...materially...specifically 3d...here and now kinda real world.

Which when you think about it, that's what we do...thoughts/dreams/visions/wishes...these are things we are sending out in hopes...how ever you want to label it...and we seem to get them back when they harmonize with what our environment (our all else...all that is not us) can recognize as coherence...or willingness to align to it's will...

I don't know how to explain that part better than it's like we're a part of that whole and we need to be a healthy part of it or it will cut us out...intelligent or not...coherent or not...willing or not...it's not that it doesn't "care" about us it just doesn't function in a way that can allow the "growth" of an unharmonius one...it's just how material functions...well...it's how non material functions too...which is WAY more complex than I want to write about here...aaaaaaaaaand now I'm off topic...


So getting back to my point of this post...

So in focusing on that question..."what actually makes shit happen" I kind of keep an eye out for anything that could possibly be trying to answer it...in aether's terms it's the "all that is NOT you trying to communicate to you" so above where I was talking about coherent pairs...I do believe I function as one coherent human so...it's part of that communication.

Putter along in the day...working, talking to people...posting online a bit...
My thoughts go back to my ma (because it's her birthday yesterday) and I remember a thread I posted once here about a letter she wrote which I bump at 10:13 AM
Her words "Attempt, as you live life to do as little damage to the following generations as possible." still make such an impact on me as they did the day I first read them...and it's like proof that words do have life...have power...have some kind of creative force within them if there is genuine intent behind them.

Anyway, as I often do with threads I post...they are usually because of something I'm wondering about or thinking at certain times so later I'm thinking about my intent in communicating with my mother the night before...pissed she didn't "show up" regarding my square (shape I think is often an easy thing to communicate with others so I tend to use those first if prompting communication)...so I'm reading this thread...

Thread: Everything I love is being taken away from me...

And my response was...

Maybe something is just testing you to see how bad you'll fight to keep what you "love"...
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

Because out of nowhere I started thinking "what was the last time I actually LOST something I loved...did I feel it was taken from me as this op did or did I feel I did something to chase it away? And I'm not thinking specific person persay...more just the emotion...and my natural reaction to love is make fun of it...LOL because I'm probably one of those head case ladies that won't ever understand love (the real kind-- not the twilight fan/hot for 50 shades of grey kind of love cause that kind I totally get).

So I post a thread...

Thread: If you LOVE someone...

08/23/2012 11:59 AM
Set them free...if they don't come back then it wasn't meant to be.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

With some other bs in the post...no big deal just kind of funny email spam repeat.

Go about my day...but then I start thinking about the relationship we have with our all else...most people think it's their relationship with god whatever if you understand the structure of our universe or see it the way I do it's a little different...as in we are inside it...we create...but it also creates...probably just the same as it is inside something else that is creating...etc etc etc...the same way our cells are creating...it's a repeated cycle in nature here materially so it has to relate to this relationship I'm thinking about as well the all else and me...

ANYWAY...Fuck...this is so hard to WRITE because so much happens inside my head in such a short amount of time it's almost impossible to EXPLAIN it in this medium but this is my first attempt sooo... flipoff if you're not tracking the point...I just need to get this out once... so I can finally let it all go.

So later...I'm reading up on a post I made earlier and I read these words:

08/23/2012 12:27 PM
In Simplicity
It has nothing to do with feelings, for that is of the soul realm and not of the spirit.
The Living “Word” is such…It is the Voice/Word of God, (Jesus) spoken to your Spirit, which gives you Spiritual life. There is a natural life and a Spiritual life.
It is the spiritual life that gives the natural life meaning, purpose, direction, ect. and without such we are lost and deprived of the very thing we were created for to begin with. Unity/oneness with God and each other.
A monk on a mountain...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19683625

Which freaks me out initially because all of a sudden I get this flashback to this dream I had once about a room in a house...the house was on a mountain with gigantic window views and the only thing in the room was a big square bed...white...no other colors present but the view outside (this same room I've dreamed of multiple times...always a house on a mountain) but the main thing I remember about that dream was the feeling ...which I guess is one that can be related to comfort...mothers tend to radiate that feeling...the cocooned....the cared for...the nurtured...home.... whatever...so I got a "moms around kinda vibe" at that moment and just went...huh..."thanks for the square ma"...relating the dream to the bed (of which I recently purchased also to be delivered tomorrow...which is funny because people who know about my recent furniture purchase are all like "wow...you makin' room for a man in your life or somethin?"...anyway...felt that my call to her was kinda resolved at that point...until later...

Works winding down for the day...had an AWFUL last interview here...a real BEYOTCH...like the evils of humanity manifested in this one woman and she was only here to eat me alive kinda vibe...so as we close to public all of a sudden I get this wash of relief...the day is done (no, not really but no potential for looney contact in person is done so woo hoo me...no more bitches for the day)... = massive rush of influx good energy...

3:32pm (two minutes after that rush) I get a text on my phone from a number I don't know..."How have you been?" I think it's a wrong number and reply as such and the person says "This is Jj" which means nothing to me so again I say "think you have the wrong number sorry" and the person is persistent..."how long have you had this number?" and it's all freaking me out so I just leave it at "you have the wrong number" and don't think ANYTHING OF IT or even wonder about it at all after that...people who text me are usually only family so it's not like I get a lot of phone traffic.

Later after work I go out to dinner with my siblings...we kinda just celebrate my mothers life...in appreciation for what she gave US...(life) and call it a night after that...go home...kinda go to bed later thinking in apology to the universe for my attitude of ungratefulness as I woke up for not giving me what I want WHEN I wanted it (the dream communication the night before...or lack of rather) because it appeared I got it anyway throughout the day....just not how I expected....but overall just giving thanks as I go to bed for the events of the day.

So I have a BIZARRE dream last night which involves someone I've known since I was 15. And because the details are kinda personal the basics are...regarding coherent pairs of people so this is relevant to my interest in all this so it's worth mentioning but this person is someone whom I have a more complex relationship than others because he is the first person I'd ever talked to (within presence as in physical presence of) who I've ever been able to communicate with non materially and in a semi intelligent/clear coherent way...telepathy...what the fuck ever you wanna call it. In a way that the mind reading thing really freaks me out like that...connected in some bizarre way.

Knowing myself, I often find ramped up connection if I'm attracted to people in ways talked about in the opening post...not just a primal nature attraction...man woman...but more of that lesser known electromagnetic attraction way...just something about them....(it's awful with him because he's hella good looking and also happens to be my first crush from my teens so...ugh... damn you men and my weakness for you *shakes fist*) anyway...now I'm all in primal wanna-just-fuck-something mindset...


gaah ...anyway...back to my topic...what IS my topic now...? blush (topic= talk about most embarrassing post I've ever made on glp)

Okay...anyway...I brought that up because the strength/clarity of that connection is probably attributed to my level of personal interest in him...which is more likely to be that he's just naturally a higher speed person easier to communicate with on that level, and not necessarily something like a soul mate or twin flame which I think is where most people who experience this kind of thing automatically assume something like this goes...

It's like body takes over...brain goes on autopilot...hormones and all that rush can be HELLA distracting but it's worth working to override that...as I found out from another glper...actually.
Once....thinking I had met someone who sooooo closely felt similar to me in the way that it felt like I was talking to myself it was so bizarre, he scared the shit out of me to be honest...and I was no where near understanding anything about communication at this level yet so it is still one of those OOPS kind of experiences to me....but....I learned (I think), over time how to tell the difference on that stuff now...The attraction part...the unsaid communications is easier when attraction in that way...the physical...sensing of another person's energy field is ramped up...or heightened...running at a higher speed...or higher velocity...what people mean when they say "light speed senses"

Side note on those senses I'm talking about:

GREAT tangent!


That's a cool video...

My whole life is my work, and my work is my life. And as long as I live, I shall continue to try to awaken my fellow man to the glory of knowing himself...

~Lao Russell
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

from the video

"the explanation of that light flash which walter russell and other and other cosmic consciousness have experienced is there is an electric short circuit between the two lobes of the brain which causes a flash of light at the instant of severance of consciousness from electric sensation of the body , such a flash occurs at the moment of death in all cases"


At the Edge of the Abyss

[link to www.spacetelescope.org]


Waves, in general
[link to academic.greensboroday.org]

you know i`m detecting people don`t like to see what looks like nothing (void), we like to see and be in locations that have visible material things to see (orientate ourselves)

now we know that everywhere there exists electrically charged something we assume contains "particles" we can never see but we feel

and fields that we also never see but we feel
we are getting close to having to accept that even in places in "space" that appear devoid of anything there exists something that effects our feelings
this is our becoming used to our non material dimensions
if we think about it is useful when we die because we all agree we likely retain our ability to feel once we die even though we appear to know we no longer retain our material bodies to experience our feelings through
which is true
so like the "voids" we see in space
we may assume upon death we become like the "void"
invisible but able to feel
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

strikes me as weird that traditional belief of what god must appears to stop what is called illuminated consciousness people explaining god in a manner that makes practical sense

over the next few years we will resolve that issue
 Quoting: aether

recent awareness of velocity


An attosecond is an SI unit of time equal to 10 18 of a second. (one quintillionth of a second). For context, an attosecond is to a second what a second is to about 31.71 billion years, or twice the age of the universe
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

International System of Units

SI is the world's most widely used system of measurement, used in both everyday commerce and science
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

the reason that and other si measurements exist is because we are aware that within our sub atomic domains that form and sustain us (orientation of material reality) things are happening (intelligent motion/feedback) and "life" at that velocity ,captured in that glimpse of measured speed, is continuously alive and well just as it is within our light speed domain that is sustained by these higher speed locations

out technology has got there to experience it so i imagine our minds will quickly get up to speed also and we experience life in the fast lane
automatically makes sense of life in the slower lanes
 Quoting: aether

Thread: The Developing Archetype - No Music Vids (Page 150)

More people are experiencing the reality of the nonmaterial and finding "feelings" mean so much more than just some emotive response we should stuff down so as to hide our humanity from eachother...sick...but our society has done just that...trained us to ignore our feelings...and what is basically our sense of the primary dimension...the non material.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

So...the person Jj, functions like that too...but I think he's totally clueless about it...so I start talking to him once about it on a chance encounter...and it's like two magnets! WEIRD as all hells when you feel something like that the first time *woosh* you kinda get stuck to someone like that...can be confusing because of the sensory but at the same time you can't ignore the effects...it's like being obsessed with something but you can't pinpoint what it is you're drawn to...if it's a person...the information being shared...or just the energy that is created between the fields during the interaction? Still not sure about those parts but...you recognize it in another when you communicate (not just "in presence" reality text...but the non material "out there" mind to mind shit too) and then on it's like you can't help but feel them...or know they're there in the world...

I'm still new at shutting people like that out so it's hard blocking something like that (for me) but getting used to it. (Thanks to a certain poster here on the forum (rabbit) for that practice..blocking...same types of field...high velocity but the persona = ANNOYING as fuck...but can't help it I suppose I think I can make others hella paranoid...BUT..not because I intend anything by my comments half the time...I think I just happen to pick stuff up with out meaning to....there comes a time when either you get over it and really see the reality of it or submit to the "crazy"...hehehe...I'm not ready for the funny farm just yet. :P But some of you really should be there for at least a weekend visit~Just sayin! hmm

Where was I? Oh yea...so...back to my bizarre dream and the person it's about...

I get up this morning and I immediately realize that was who texted me...so I get my old phone to look at the number and nope...not the same number...but I'm sure as shit it was that person...though I can be a chicken in trusting things like that I decide to text the person back this morning and they call within seconds of my text...and turns out...it IS the person I dreamed about lastnight...

So that on it's own makes me go blink and wonder what this person is contacting me for after all this time? Out of the blue (haven't talked MONTHS) and from a different phone number...and it's not like we were ever involved in a relationship of any sorts ever...so I'm completely lost as to why he's trying to contact me now...BUT the point of it isn't the why...

What made me go eyebrow is the dream...it's communication told the "who"...and it was right as it turned out...and then the next couple hours went really weird from there...because the reconnect kind of amps up all that unsaid communication and all of a sudden I feel like hyper drive is engaged and can't do fuck all to slow any of it down...but this (today) is probably one of the first days I've been okay with that...the not slowing the information that comes with this kind of interaction...and i'm not talking about mind control or remote viewing people with out their permission kind of bullshit psyops tard play either...

I don't post stuff like this for the general shits and giggles...I'm looking for people who experience life like that...the ramped up synchronicity...the "holy shit this person is reading my mind" kind of stuff....and willing to TALK about it openly without fear.

But what I've encountered online since I decided to actively seek out these people is a whole other experience in and of itself...*waves at all the weirdos outside the tank*

So after the events of yesterday and this morning...I'm at work thinking how the hell to function amidst the every day life I live and at one point I log into glp and the top post was:

Thread: new crop circle!! august 23!!

new crop circle!! august 23!!
[link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]
 Quoting: Digital mix guy

And I'm immediately like cruise Another square!
I mean I know perception is all about interpretation...and there's way more to a lot of this than I went into here...

After that and a couple troll deletes from this thread I quit "looking" at anything for a bit...gets to be a little much sometimes.

But intent...and communicative intuition between people does play a factor in what happens in life...it doesn't "control" it but it does impact it in ways we don't even realize sometimes...I'm fascinated by this stuff but it's NOT a topic that is well received. Because I really think it's where real change can be made...when people align...

Look at any thread that attempts to discuss telepathy (for real) and you'll get an indicator of the kind of BLOCK there is to this kind of stuff being openly talked about...

Sooooooo....now that I feel like I'm sitting here in my underwear....

groucho Anyone up for some twister?
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

I just found this...

I was just wondering yesterday if anything had occured after I said that to you.


Holy wow.

I just watched the last 4 weeks of themes play out in a single post.


Synchronistic Tsunami...

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