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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More people are experiencing the reality of the nonmaterial and finding "feelings" mean so much more than just some emotive response we should stuff down so as to hide our humanity from eachother...sick...but our society has done just that...trained us to ignore our feelings...and what is basically our sense of the primary dimension...the non material.


...it's like being obsessed with something but you can't pinpoint what it is you're drawn to...if it's a person...the information being shared...or just the energy that is created between the fields during the interaction? Still not sure about those parts but...you recognize it in another when you communicate (not just "in presence" reality text...but the non material "out there" mind to mind shit too) and then on it's like you can't help but feel them...or know they're there in the world...


But intent...and communicative intuition between people does play a factor in what happens in life...it doesn't "control" it but it does impact it in ways we don't even realize sometimes...I'm fascinated by this stuff but it's NOT a topic that is well received. Because I really think it's where real change can be made...when people align...

Look at any thread that attempts to discuss telepathy (for real) and you'll get an indicator of the kind of BLOCK there is to this kind of stuff being openly talked about...
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

[link to tronweb.super-nova.co.jp]

Simply put, the Internet now represents to me a form of primitive telepathy, telepathy based on circuitry, to be exact. Undoubtedly because he deals with the nuts and bolts issues of building networks on a daily basis, and thus has little time for actually gathering heretofore unobtainable information from the Internet, he was unable to understand what I was trying to say.

For that reason, I decided not to get into what led me to this new view of the Internet, but actually it could be called the mother of all "conspiracy theories," i.e., that people many thousands of years ago were telepathic, and that human language was created to divide and conquer the human race. I have absolutely no idea if this theory--well, actually a hypothesis or a contention--is true, but it led me to start thinking about what human life would be like if we didn't have to actually verbalize our thoughts and translate them across the arbitrary barriers we call "natural languages."

 Quoting: A new view of the Internet article

 Quoting: ArunaLuna

 Quoting: ArunaLuna

I think it's totally possible at one time we were telepathic and it really makes sense about the internet :)

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