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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A dimension of consciousness is where we come from. No walls, no left or right.

Our existence is simple, we choose to be aware. We can not die else we choose to silence our choice.

In this world of thought the rules of the universe are far different.

Which is why we will not find it. Until we drop the filters of 3d.

A stroke of false, a far fetched lie. Those thoughts become the greatest destruction found in the realm beyond the Eye.

The lie is the reflection of self awareness, a lie is not.

It can eat your mind with moral rot.

The world our bodies drift around is never distant from the mind. Two people worlds apart are never further then a thought.

That thought is boundless among time.

So remember, to lie is to destroy your core, your soul, your choice to be aware.

Be honest and gain your moral rights. Eternity is the gift we can receive.

The field of our body is limited, the field of our awareness is limitless.
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