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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
I think there's a function embedded within how our existence is structured which is like an auto kill feature for things that CAN NOT move forward into those realms of creative force....

Ego is probably one of those built in features that assists with that process.

I think it's hella important to understand your own ego and how to use it as a tool to better yourself for the whole.

It's not something to be killed off and ignored.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

Yes. If I may be a tad bit more specific...the fixation/fluidity of the ego.

We know the internal dialogue's function is to fixate the perception of the five senses...or the assemblage point...to a specific local.

We know this because people who have not developed the ability to do so remain fixed within the routines and patterns of their thoughts, which cause them to repeat the same choices over and over again.

Since we weren't born with the internal dialogue, it was learned as a social construct necessary for verbal communication and has become a vehicle for conformity.

So, to learn to stop it, or to develop the willpower to do so is in effect an act of the expression of remembering our true energetic bodies before they were twisted and abused.

By obtaining conscious control over the starting/stopping of the internal dialogue...which leads to the control of focused conscious attention/awareness, we learn to circumvent the ego by gaining the ability to alter it in a moment's notice.

The elimination of personal history, which is the weapon by which our peers fixate us to their ideas of who we are or should be, is the only way to achieve this fluidity.

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