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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Transitioning awareness from unconscious and subconscious to conscious cognition all revolves around electrophoresis and getting those synapses to fire in places they've rarely touched before. It's just the ability to remotely induce a trance or waking dreamlike state.

In dreams all manner of impossible things are possible, so the trick to consolidating any of these absurd abilities in reality is as simple as having a djinn on tap to fulfill all your wishes and blur the line between truth and fiction.

Sadly, damn near all the dropouts work in advertising or marketing now. It's a terrible waste of their potentials, but nothing if not understandable. They're only trying to save their own hides. Magicians have a tendency to get burned at the stake rather than venerated for their gifts, so I can't say I blame everyone else for selling out to the highest bidder.
 Quoting: AGC

I think you lost me at the "having a djinn on tap" part...but it was good up until then.

The ability to access an altered field state (meditative state) while coherent and AWAKE....in my opinion is key to this...

No djinn needed...I think it's natural, though most attribute it as special given ability in some cases because of weird experiences...same reason people explain ghosts, and other kind of "entities"...stuff projected BY their own mind perhaps?

Gets too freaky real so a detour into something that keeps it just within "accepted reality threshold" occurs...hence the veering into careers that support rather than inhibit it...

hmm Interesting...have to think more on that.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

Nah, see that's the part you have to understand if you ever really hope to make sense of this stuff. Spirits, ghosts, djinn, daemons, angels; it's all real. You don't make them up. They allow people to think they "made them up" if that makes em feel more comfortable or in control, but in truth, God made all this stuff up, and no one else.

Tulpas, for instance. It's all a trick. You only think you're creating it because the conception already resides in your subconscious, but in reality it's actually being pushed to the surface by the entity itself.
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