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Message Subject The field of HUMAN INTERACTION
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
Nah, see that's the part you have to understand if you ever really hope to make sense of this stuff. Spirits, ghosts, djinn, daemons, angels; it's all real. You don't make them up. They allow people to think they "made them up" if that makes em feel more comfortable or in control, but in truth, God made all this stuff up, and no one else.

Tulpas, for instance. It's all a trick. You only think you're creating it because the conception already resides in your subconscious, but in reality it's actually being pushed to the surface by the entity itself.
 Quoting: AGC

ACG is speaking of the allies or inorganic beings.
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

You were one even before birth, and you will be one again in death.

And though the soul or spirit may be largely immaterial, even light is both particle and wave. It's a matter of luminous vs subluminous material. I wouldn't necessarily say "inorganic" is the right word, seeing as this same energy animates all organic matter. It can exist without matter of course, as it did even prior to the creation of the cosmos, but it still resides within all that lives.
 Quoting: AGC

I would. Actually, I did.
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