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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! ... The TIME IS NOW!!! ... SOUND THE ALARM!!!
Poster Handle Marisol
Post Content
PIN...This is important.

I'm astounded by how many people are dreaming about the same things. Some years ago I also dreamed about a super tsunami. In the dream I was sitting playing on the sand with my children on the beach. Looking up I noticed the that the weather had taken a sudden turn; the skies were darkening by the second with gray storm clouds churning of angry thunder. The winds were picking up debris. Having been so involved with playing with the kinds by the lifeguard's lookout seat, I had just noticed it.

I began to rise to pick up our belongings when I looked out over the water realizing that my eyes could not distinguish the horizon. I noticed the few people left stood looking as if in a trance at what, I presumed, was the same thing I was trying to figure out about hte horizon. There was no distinguishable line where the skies and water met; everything appeared to be the same color. I then understood that what was coming towards us was a gigantic wall of sparking water. The wall was approaching the shoreline at an extraordinary speed.

I instinctively knew we wouldn't have time to run. I quickly told my children to lock their arms around each of my arms; I told them not to let go, no matter what. I then locked my arms and legs around the wooden safeguard's lookout. I prayed hard to God for mercy and protection over my children and over me. I knew there was not sufficient strength in my arms or or my children's arms to hold on by ourselves. The next thing I remember was the horrible, deafening sounds of screams as the the crash of water took everthing in its path and continued over us. It felt like being in a washing machine. Stillk I wouldn't let my children go then, barely breathing I held on to them until I could no longer hold my breath and felt them lose their grip. I awoke taking in as much air as I could; I was shaking from head to foot. Thankful that it was just a dream.

More incredible still is that I had the very same dream a second time a few years later. It was then that I knew for sure this was a warning from the Lord. Right now both my children are grown but, have taken roads in their lives that have steered them far away from the Lord in spite of my efforts to instill in them knowledge of my God. I continue tospeak to them to help them and to remind them that the only real hope is to walk with the Lord. I know that the dream will come to me again as a final warning; it is something I asked to be allowed to me because it is a reminder that in spite of all my efforts, my children's only salvation will come through the the power of the Lamb of God. He will force his love and offer of salvation on no one. It is all a matter of personal choice, no matter who we are.

Each of us, believers and not, will stand alone before Christ Jesus at the appointed time. For some of us it will happen much sooner rather than leter but, most definately, it will happen.

PS: I just noticed my Avatar, I didn't realize it when I chose it but it is another reminder of the very dream I shared here.

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